Wall Stickers | Geese

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Transform your kids room with our watercolor flying geese set wall stickers that are hand drawn! SET INCLUDES: ★ 2x large geese - aprox. 46x34 cm ★ medium goose - 48x17 cm ★ 4x small geese - aprox. 25x12 cm ★★ ONLY WITH US - SCRATCH RESISTANT LAMINATE ★★ All our stickers are secured with a special matte laminate that protects them from scratches during everyday use and also makes sticking easier – the film is thicker and easier to transfer onto the wall. ▶ Made in EU with OWN designs! ▶ Scratch Resistant - best quality vinyl + high quality matt laminate - you can clean it safely with no scratch! ▶ Safe Inks! Safe for nurseries, odorless and non-toxic! ▶ Eco Packaging - paper tubes, 100% recyclable! ▶ Out of the contour - they do not have a background! ▶ Viny resistant to humidity and UV radiation! ▶ Premium QUALITY! PRODUCTION TIME: ✓ our standard production time is: 1-3 days. ✓ shipping depends on the country of delivery: 2-5 working days.